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To promote youth exercise by participation in learning how to play format tennis, as well as keeping  youngsters off the streets, out of trouble, and building their self-esteem, while learning life-time skills and good sportsmanship in the inner city community and surrounding areas of Grand Rapids.
How will the summer tennis program be structured? The program will meet Monday – Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:30pm for 5 weeks and a 2 week tennis camp.  There will be a lesson component and a play component each day. At least 10 minutes each meeting time will be spent on life skills.
Will there be activities other than tennis? Their also will be a  reading project package for all ages, a tournament and a celebration ending picnic.
What life skills will the youth develop through this program? They will learn social acceptance, tolerance, healthy conflict resolution, and effective communication within the drills being offered while working in large groups. We will have trained adults and students as good role models to volunteer to work with our groups.
What type of recognition will the participants receive? They will receive a participation certificate, a prize for completing the reading program and a medal or ribbon for playing in the youth tournament.
Why is the program needed in your area? We need more activities offered in the evening for the youth. There are daytime tennis classes offered by the Park & Recreation but there is a great need for outdoor summer programs to be offered in the evening to keep kids off the streets and out of trouble, this program will able them to have something to do as a family that is active and fun.
Program’s goals: We offer a healthy alternative for kids. We want the youth to have a positive experience and offer a summer evening program that keeps them off the streets while teaching them the game of tennis. They will learn lifetime skills and good sportsmanship, and we insist that they treat others with respect and learn to be team players. We incorporated a reading program to augment the physical activity.